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Maintenance Of Lead Rubber Clothes/Lead Rubber Apron

Maintenance Of Lead Rubber Clothes/Lead Rubber Apron

Any improper folding of the lead coat will cause the lead rubber material to gradually wear and break. Improper cleaning will cause the liquid to corrode the fabric or core material of the lead coat, which will accelerate aging. High temperature exposure and other environments will also reduce the protective performance of the core material. . So know how to properly maintain the knowledge of lead clothing.

Instructions for the use and maintenance of radiation protective lead clothing:

1. Do not fold and squeeze in any form.

2. Do not squeeze, touch, poke, etc. with any acute-angled or similar acute-angled hard objects.

3. It must be removed after the operation. Do not squat, sit, lie down, or use other forms of pressure while wearing lead clothing.

4. Do not wear or store for a long time at high temperature above 30 degrees Celsius and low temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.

5. Do not wash by any method other than the specified method.

6. Clothes should be hung with special hangers for lead clothing or stored in lead clothing storage cabinets in accordance with the requirements of the specification.

7. The lead equivalent of medical lead clothing and its accessories should be tested regularly to ensure normal lead equivalent and effective protection.

Lead coat storage requirements:

1. Indoor pH: The pH value is 6 to 7.5, and it is strictly forbidden to contact with acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

2. Heat source: not subject to direct sunlight, away from heat sources, such as heating, etc.

3. Indoor temperature range: 5-28 degrees.

4. Indoor humidity range: 40%-60%.

Cleaning requirements for lead clothing: Medical lead clothing is different from ordinary clothing and cannot be washed. After use, gently wipe the stains on the surface of the lead clothing with a small amount of warm water and neutral detergent. If it is contaminated by the blood of infectious patients, it can be disinfected and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas if necessary. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, bleach, strong acid and alkali detergents to clean lead clothing, machine washing or dry cleaning of lead clothing, and high temperature and high pressure disinfection of lead clothing is strictly prohibited. .